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A church is a community of believers, -- a community of those who are like-minded. Just like a tennis club is a community of those who like to play tennis, church is a community of those who like to learn more about God and worship Him in the same way.

Yet, going to church and joining a tennis club isn't the same. For one thing, people are daily joining clubs all over the world -- while at the same time they are leaving church.  Worldwide churches have been declining. So much so, that many say today we are in a post-Christian era.

Recently, though, I've been noticing that there are a lot of people looking for better relationships, better health, better jobs, better everything.  They are searching for something supportive, encouraging, and uplifting.  There's no better place on earth to gain a spiritual foundation that is supportive and encouraging than church. Why? Because that's where we find a better understanding of God, and where we find others willing to help us t…
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Over the past year or so I've been praying about what "True" means. Not so much the question "What is truth?" as Pilate asked Jesus prior to the crucifixion, but "What is true?"  True means "faithful", which implies that we must be faithful if we want to be true. It means "trustworthy", which means we can rely on it. And, it means "undeviating", which means it never gets out of sync with God and His goodness. It never goes to the right or to the left, but stays steady and sure. 
This all points to Truth, God, of course, since God is Truth, as the Discoverer of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, teaches.  Truth is the law of God, and to be true is to apply God's law to all that is not good. In other words, Truth is the law of correction. It corrects everything unlike itself, -- harmonizing, renewing, redeeming, regenerating, -- bringing everything into line with what is true. 
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